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Spring/Summer 2024 Newsletter

• Pet Microchipping


For the month of June, we are offering $15 microchips at our facility! No appointment necessary but feel free to call ahead to ensure availability. We will get your furry family member microchipped and register it for you all in one visit! With the upcoming firework season, we see an influx of stray animals that come into the shelter due to loud noises and/or gates being left open. Please share and get your pet chipped so we can help reunite you with your beloved pet
** $15 exact cash or +$5 additional fee for credit/debit.
Microchip special does not apply to redemptions.

Microchip Registration Form


• Low Cost Vaccine Clinic

Snip Society offers low-cost preventative care, including spay/neuter surgeries. Call then at 815-630-4411, additional information can be found at Spay Neuter | SNIP Society | United States.

• Wildlife Trapping

JTAC offers a trapping program to catch those critters that visit our homes from time to time. Raccoons, opossums, and squirrel traps are $50 to rent with a $100 deposit. We will show you how to set the trap and suggestions for baiting the trap. You will be able to set the trap for 1 week, please call JTAC when you catch an animal and one of the officers will come and remove the animal and leave the trap for you to set again.

Additional wildlife information can be found on Humane Society of United States website.

Please contact our office for trap availability, (815) 725-0333.

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